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October 1 – 2, 2014:

New York Council on Problem Gambling Annual Conference

Albany, NY

Go to www.nyproblemgambling.org for more information.


October 29, 2014:

Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling Annual Conference

Mystic Marriott

Go to www.ccpg.org for more information.



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Vermont Council on Problem Gambling produces an informative and educational monthly newsletter.

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Help for Families

Compulsive gamblers usually deny that they have a problem – both to themselves and others. We invite significant others to turn to us for guidance and support. We can offer suggestions on how to deal with problem gamblers: what to say, how to say it, and where to find helpful resources.

Click here to download the Gam-anon questionare (PDF).

Help for Communities

Our organization works with communities to combat gambling addiction and promote responsible gaming across Vermont.

We serve as a resource for all Vermonters on the problems of compulsive gambling. This includes providing training and screening tools to help social service agencies identify and treat gambling addiction.

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