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The Vermont Council operates a statewide toll free helpline:

The Helpline began operation in July of 1998, and has continued to offer a 24-hour toll free number,

1-800-522-4700 that is available at all of the lottery agent locations, and on the reverse side of every Vermont lottery ticket. This service is available to all Vermonters providing support, referrals to local self-help groups, mailings of educational materials, displays at local conferences, public speakers, and on-site trainings for professional care providers when requested.

Problem gambling is an addictive disorder that often results in severe, detrimental, emotional, and financial consequences for the individual and his/her family and friends. Individuals dealing with problem gambling cannot be generalized by any specific socio-economic, ethnic/racial, age, or gender characteristics. Some populations that may be especially susceptible to the consequences of problem gambling include: persons with a history of substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, elderly/retired persons, adolescents and young adults. Through increasing problem gambling awareness within the substance abuse system, the media, and the public, opportunities for early and successful intervention maybe enhanced.





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Vermont Council on Problem Gambling produces an informative and educational monthly newsletter.

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Help for Families

Compulsive gamblers usually deny that they have a problem – both to themselves and others. We invite significant others to turn to us for guidance and support. We can offer suggestions on how to deal with problem gamblers: what to say, how to say it, and where to find helpful resources.

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Help for Communities

Our organization works with communities to combat gambling addiction and promote responsible gaming across Vermont.

We serve as a resource for all Vermonters on the problems of compulsive gambling. This includes providing training and screening tools to help social service agencies identify and treat gambling addiction.

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