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Interested in becoming a VT lottery Agent?

Why sell Vermont Lottery tickets?

Did you know that:

  • You do not have to pay for any products up front – Instant Scratch Tickets are left on consignment.
  •  Instant products are 100% guaranteed – we can and will give credit for any instant product that does not sell and is returned to the Vermont Lottery.
  • The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) study rates Instant Scratch Tickets as one of the highest impulse items and shows that they actually increase the purchase of other items.
  • Lottery tickets draw Customers - many lottery players report doing their convenience shopping based on where they can acquire tickets.
  • Per linear square foot, lottery tickets are one of the most profitable items in stores.
  • Commissions on Instant Scratch Tickets sales are 5.75%, and 5.75%-6% on terminal games.  

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What the Vermont Lottery will offer:

  • Instant Scratch Tickets inventory left on consignment – only pay for what has been sold
  • Free on-counter instant ticket display
  • Regular financial statements
  • Indoor/outdoor point-of-sale
  • Bi-weekly visits from a Vermont Lottery Representative
  • Training for clerks
  • Promotional items for special events (grand openings, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Our top 5 lottery Agents in FY12 earned between $29,500 and $34,500 in commissions.
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About our Vermont Lottery Agents

The Vermont Lottery has approximately 700 licensed lottery sales agents throughout the state. All of these agents are licensed to sell Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Tri-State Megabucks Plus®, Lucky for Life®, Gimme 5, Hot Lotto®, Tri-State Pick 3, Tri-State Pick 4, Fast Play and Instant tickets.

Starting September 27, 1998, lottery agents received a 5.75% commission on all Tri-State ticket sales and starting November 21, 1998 agents received a 5.75% commission on Instant Ticket sales. This is an increase from the 5% commission that agents received since the Lottery's inception. Agents receive a 6% commission on all Powerball®, Hot Lotto® and Mega Millions® and Lucky for Life® sales. Agents also get a 1% bonus for selling a winning ticket of $500 or more (capped at $30,000 bonus) when the ticket is claimed.

Licensed locations include grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, chain stores, redemption centers, and drug stores.

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How to Become a Vermont Lottery Agent

1. Request an application from the Vermont Lottery by calling 1-800-322-8800 (in Vermont only) or 1-802-479-5686, by writing the Vermont Lottery Commission, 1311 US Route 302, Suite 100, Barre, VT 05641 or by an email to staff@vtlottery.com.

2. The application packet will include the following material:

  • On-line terminal policy
  • Application form
  • Agreement and Consent forms
  • W-9 Taxpayer Identification form
  • Authorization form for electronic fund transfers
  • Vermont Lottery Rules and Regulations
  • Vermont Lottery Statute

3. Be sure to complete all portions of the application and affix your signature where required on all forms. A refundable $250 deposit and $15 license fee must be submitted with the application.

4. When the application is received, a representative from the Lottery Office will be assigned to conduct an on-site evaluation to determine if the business should be licensed as a Lottery Agent.

5. After the application is approved by the Executive Director, notification will be sent to the applicant.  The Lottery will have a communication system installed. Terminal installation and on-site training will be provided by our gaming vendor.  The agent is required to provide a dedicated, quad-plex electrical outlet within 6 feet of where the terminal will be located.  Terminal installation will take place approximately 2-4 weeks from the date a license is approved.  A consignment of instant tickets will be issued and delivered to the agent prior to training.

6. A lottery representative will deliver the license and also provide instant ticket dispensers, signage and other point-of-sale items.

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